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Hi ! I’m Achmad Baihaki, the leading visual artist and the creative force behind Aki Photograph. I began my journey in wedding photography in 2004 as a main photographer in one of the most beautiful wedding Chapels in Bali.
One day when I was going to prepare myself for work, I suddenly had the epiphany to get more serious in photography. Instead of a cookie-cut photographs I had been told to capture, I wanted to develop and create my own style. Thus, in 2007, I began to start Aki Photograph.
It had always been my dream to deliver photographs that speaks about the memory of a lifetime, timeless, candid, honest and fresh, but most importantly speak about the one-of-a-kind intimacy between man and woman.
From the moment she puts on her gown in the morning, to the father and daughter dance, I put my experience and style to tell your wedding tales. And that became the signature that Aki Photograph has been delivering.
My works have been appreciated and rejoiced for eternity by couples from all-over-the world and I am glad to see the photos hang on their living room. It reminds me how much they truly treasure their first day as husband and wife, a partner of life, and I am glad to be given the opportunity to witness such moment. Currently, I live in Bali with my ever-supporting wife and two children who each of them gives me a daily dose of reminder of how blessed I am in this marriage.
For me, it’s like a present that allow me to see the beauty that every human being possesses.

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