An Intimate Bali Wedding at Alila Seminyak

Celebration of life at its best is a merriment surrounded by your inner circle. Your closest family and best friends who share ups and downs together through the time. This kind of wedding is a timeless one and undeniably an unforgettable lifetime event for all the attendees. This is what P& K arranged for their intimate Bali wedding at Alila Seminyak. Overlooking the Bali sandy beach and rolling waves as music, their ceremony is definitely one to remember. With the classic yet timeless white hue as the wedding theme, their wedding is effortlessly beautiful and blend with the surroundings naturally.

Dolled up in a white gown with a touch of simple hair do, the bride channeling her preference of simple yet classy style. Not to forget to mention the bouquet of white roses with touch of greeneries, is never fails to amaze everyone. Does all the spotlight goes to bride? Worry not, as the groom’s outfit is very Bali laid-back wedding which everyone can relates to.

Walking down the aisle, everyone looks at the gorgeous bride. Soon after, P&K exchanging the vow on the seashore, witnessed by their most loved family and friends. After some flower petals shower as most of intimate Bali wedding had, P&K enjoy some moment of two by the beach. They are really flawless during the photo session and it shows that when you and your partner just ‘click’, spending time together comes as easy as breathing – it develops into a bond that transcends all others. As a Bali based photograph, I truly grateful of being a witness of a wonderful connection between bride and groom and I can capture it into my photograph.

It is so jaw-dropping to know though Seminyak is well-known for their hustle and bustle, but these intimate Bali wedding images show conversely. The venue is so serene and everyone seems away during P&K’s wedding. Ultimately, marriage is loving your partner unconditionally for the rest of your lives and stopping at nothing to continue growing your love for each other. So, what is on your plan to have intimate Bali wedding? Feel free to drop us message and we would love to know more about you.


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