Hi, I’d be happy to answer your questions, but it will save you time if you can find the answers here. Otherwise, hit me at info@akiphotograph.com

Yes, I do. In fact you can click this link to view some of the packages we have.

Yes. I have traveled to exotic and beautiful places as far as Maldives for my client. So, why not? However, there will be an additional travel fee and a small out-of-town additional charge for you. I’d be honoured to be part of your out-of-town wedding troop.

Only one. Your wedding day is completely yours for me to capture.

Four for photographers and an additional four for videography service. For a pre-wedding session, it’s me and my assistant.

Approximately 2 weeks after editing.

Yes I will, High Resolution in JPG format.

I honour the event and the venue. We are dressed with black long-sleeved shirts. It seems like black match all themes . If you need us to dress in a particular colour, let us know in advance so we can coordinate.

I usually blend in with the crowd to take more natural shots and candid. In an individual couple shot and prewedding I’d usually give a choreograph or direction on how to pose. I understand that not everyone knows how to pose in front of the camera, and my job is to create a shot that looks easy, relaxed and natural.

Photojournalistic and all that candid smiles.

Yes, of course. You can discuss with me on how we can work best for your day.