Stacy & Oscar

Bali never cease to amaze me. Every corner of the beach, every valley of the mountain and every time the waves roll, it brings a different momentum in life. As a photographer who is a sun-chaser, we get this “golden moment” many times by just observing the spot at different times and let your mind trail somewhere.
I am not the only one who is fully aware of this. Stacy and Oscar came as far as Taiwan to celebrate this union in Bali. For the obvious reason, the scenery that they could not get anywhere else. They wedded at Blue Point chapel, a glass interior chapel with a magnificent view of Indian Ocean. Witnessed by their family, they read their own version of wedding vow. In the moment where i could not understand what the vow was about (chinese is one of the language that i have not mastered, except for the “Hello” and “Thank You”, which i learned from them), it gave me a time to get the golden moment of their emotion expressed through facial experience. My sight became more sensitive with this language barrier which allowed me to appreciate the sanctity of the vow between man and woman.
I wish i can speak more about their wedding. But for now, i hope you enjoy what I captured that day.
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