Avanti & Adam

There’s a certain moment of pride being the first. This time, I was the first photographer who took photograph of the first wedding at Le Meridien Bali. In late 2011, when the contractor put its first stone there, publication soon began on the opening of the new Le Meridien property in Bali. It echoed through media, newspaper and radio and I read about the grand design of the place. I whispered to myself “hopefully someday”. And that “hopefully someday” brought me to Avanti and Adam’s wedding day in March 2013.
The couple and their cute 3 years old daughter lived in Australia and traveled to Bali just to get their wedding day be celebrated among the love and dear ones who probably feel that traveling to Australia is too far. To me, it was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever photographed, in a good way of course. There’s a beautiful speech of the bride and how she was really glad to be able to find a good person like Adam.
So if a picture tells a thousand words, hopefully these pictures tells a million of emotions.
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