Lukas & Natalya

A motorcycle, lush tropical garden, paddy fields and a couple who deeply in love were everything in this honeymoon photo session. Lukas & Natalya were so inspired by the beauty of Bali and its way of life, hence they decided to take the photo session one. From riding a motorcycle along the paddy fields and the playful Natalya wearing caping (a traditional farmer hat made of woven bamboo), their cheery spirits really shine in these images and we are fully blown away by it!

Bali 001 Bali 014 Bali 018 Bali 031 Bali 048 Bali 059 Bali 061 Bali 062 Bali 065 Bali 067 Bali 071 Bali 013 Bali 024 Bali 030

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