Bali Wedding Photography of Ann and Sven

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event and its memory will last forever. Not just for the bride and groom, but also all the guests who invited as the witness on this extraordinary occasion. Bali, as we always mention repeatedly, offers numerous venue selections. From the lush tropical garden, a white sparkling sandy beach, an unbeatable chapel’s architecture and even grand pillarless ballrooms are for you to choose.

Ann and Sven’s wedding is a tropical wedding at its best. It took place at Amita Villa, a private villa located in Bali. Its breathtaking architecture is a sight to see and I especially love all the unique places to take pictures.  Having so many beautiful spots in walking distance, gave us variety as well as saved us so much time!  You can’t go wrong with an overcast day and beautiful scenery!

After a romantic wedding ceremony, they walked along the beach, the streets and even met some Balinese cows. This celebration then started with a dinner, Sven gave some thank you speech for all closest relatives and pals who willing to travel to Bali to celebrate this joyous moment. Not forget to mention, a romantic dance of two in the evening. Also, the way both of them looked at each other every single time. Such a romantic and beautiful moment to capture.

As a photographer, being part of one’s wedding means a lot. I could see a pure joy and heartfelt appreciation throughout the day. Ann and Sven were an absolute joy to work with. Their easy-going, cheerful and warm personality are shown on the pictures that we captured. Their friendship and their love run deep. We wish you an incredible honeymoon and an amazing marriage and wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

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