A Romantic Bali Wedding of Leigh and Renee

What makes a wedding memorable one? Does it always the delectable menu, stunning decoration or fantastic venue? Among all weddings that I had privilege to capture, the most important thing that makes a wedding truly unforgettable is the ambiance that the couple and attendees bond during the event. Leigh and Renee’s wedding is one of the kind. Their family and friends are so much fun to work with and you can see it from every images I shared here.

Their wedding has everything. A tropical ambiance that a Bali wedding always has, not forget to mention the ceremony that took place on the edge of the ocean! The blue azure horizon does give you a thrill and it truly depicts the limitless happiness that Leigh and Renee will share until the end. After the ceremony which sealed with a kiss, then the celebration begins. Commences with a mouthwatering appetizer and so on, Renee and Leigh truly spoiled their loved ones!

Their family and friends are so laid back and relax. They enjoyed every moment and Bali is truly magical that night. The weather is so nice and breezy, makes everyone does not want to leave the party. You can tell from the pictures I have taken, many of their guests are talented musician.

As a Bali wedding photographer, I truly blessed for witness numerous weddings and this is something that I grateful for. Wedding, is not just between two individual persons. Wedding is about the celebration of two families’ unification. Bali offers so many venues for an elopement. From a tropical garden, a serene of river’s bank, a cliff overlooking the blue ocean or chapels, all of these venues are for you to choose. Now, are you ready to exchange the vow in Bali?


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