Jessy + Steward

Each wedding has their own signature and things to remember. Be it a very confident aunt who can’t stop singing in front of the microphone, or a baby who won’t stop crying when vow is being recited. But nothing miserable or negative about Jessy and Stewart’s. It’s how much the FUN the couple had during the wedding.
It was a fine, breezy day in Villa Bayu Sabbha, a cliff villa in Uluwatu with a vintage Balinese architecture. Have I told you that I love adorable children? They got ’em, the cute adorable flower girls and page boy who is so dedicated for the job and seem to follow everywhere the bride went. It’s just so cute.
Then the night seemed to be shorter. Short, because time seem to go away when you have fun. It’s all the fun, the laughter, the dance, and the music that made it a very lively celebration. It’s their day and everybody was just feeling happy and happy for the couple and everybody was let loose.
I hope you dance when things are great, and dance too after the sombre things get sort out in the end. You know, there’s always a rainbow after the rain, and you need to celebrate once you see that rainbow.

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